Gain Insight into Customer Behaviour, Grow Customer Databases and Monetise your WiFi Infrastructure & deliver media at the optimal time.


Customise and optimise your WiFi experience with Skyfii’s extensive feature set. Deliver an experience reflective of your venue or space

  • Data capture & Customer Behaviour Tracking: Capture customer information through your Guest WiFi’s registration page.
  • Progressive profiling: Schedule subsequent questions with each login at the captive portal to capture additional data.
  • Content delivery: Deliver content like welcome emails, SMS, Video and customer landing pages. Customers can login to the Wifi via their mobile phone, PC or tablet device
  • Multi-venue configuration: Configure your Guest WiFi based on a single venue or multiple venues.
  • Social login: Provide users social login options including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Increase dwell time: Customers who use great guest WiFi dwell on average 25% more than other customers. This means more time in centre and more opportunities to spend.

Xpertek Contact’s experience in defining the strategy for and managing the implementation of these solutions across 12 countries in Africa enables our clients to achieve their goals of pro-actively engaging their customers with relevant marketing messages and providing excellent customer service to their customers across the continent.

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