Free WiFi

Our WiFi  journey began in 2016 with the aim of bridging the gap between online and instore analytics and marketing, by bringing behavioural and digital marketing into shopping malls, using WiFi.

We have created a superior WiFi customer experience and marketing platform for the retail industry and we now have over 2 million subscribers…and growing.

Subscriber Growth

Some of our customers

Our comprehensive Free WiFi solution for retail clients, includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Customer Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Support
  • Our partners in the provision of the above services are with SkyFii and Cisco Meraki

In addition, we offer 2 value added services based on the data collected from the WiFi solution. These services assist our clients in monetising their WiFi Solutions.

With over two million subscribers in our database, we give you access to a vastly diverse user base. It allows for segmentation based on LSM levels, gender, age and location.

Benefits of our WiFi Platform:

Direct Advertising & Marketing

We are able to profile the WiFi users and communicate with them through Email & SMS. Secure POPi Compliant database management and storage on behalf of the property.

Heat Maps & Dwell Times

See where the most popular areas are in the venue. This can be used to influence shopper behaviour or to motivate tenant leasing space.

Monthly Management Reports

Monthly Management reports are provided to the marketing manager at each mall to monitor progress

Revenue Generating Tool

Advertising can be sold to tenants and 3rd parties to generate income for the landlord. This can be done on the landlord’s behalf.

Seamless WiFi Experience

With SLAs in place, our WiFi users have a seamless experience, which is essential in today’s world.

Real-time data

Real-time data can be accessed at anytime to see what shopper behaviour is and how trends change over time.

WiFi Advertising & Marketing

Consumers are more likely to visit a store or business after viewing an advert or marketing material. More consumers mean more sales and increased revenue. This can be used internally by the mall or tenants or can be sold to 3rd parties as a revenue generating service.

Brands that have advertised with us

Benefits of Advertising & Direct Marketing on the WiFi solution

Driving Feet into Store

Target customers with emails & SMSs to bring them back to your venue and drive them to make purchases in store.

Location-based notifications

Send notifications to users as they enter the venue. This allows  the marketing team to inform customers about special and events happening in the mall or restaurant.

Database Size

2 million active  users can be targeted for Marketing & Advertising.

Cost Saving

Internal Marketing Campaigns can be done at a lower cost than through Marketing Agencies directly to the customer database.

Real-time data

Real-time data allows for constant updates about how many people have viewed the advertising or marketing content.

Profiling your customers

Customer demographics are collected and specific segments of the market can be targeted for marketing content & advertising. By targeting the correct users, marketing budget is not misspent.

Market Research

Market research is essential for a company to discover their target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product or service. This can be used internally by the mall or tenant or can be sold to 3rd parties as a revenue generating service. With a database of over R 1million subscribers we have a large target group to tap into.

Benefits of conducting Market Research using our WiFi solution

Segment the Market

Select the LSMs, geographical  location, age or gender to segment users when conducting market research to target the correct people and save time.

Revenue Generating Tool

Market Research can be sold to tenants and 3rd parties to generate income for the landlord. This can be done on the landlord’s behalf.

Database Size

1 million active  users can be targeted for Market Research.

Measure Brand Reputation

Market research will tell you what your brand reputation is. This means that you can retarget brand messages as needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Thorough reporting is done for you, giving  you time to focus on the research results.

Mitigate Risks

Market Research will provide you with insights on which decisions to implement.