Document Data Extraction

Document Data Extraction

Want to eliminate manual data entry from documents? Using world class data extraction technology, we can help you get more work done by automatically capturing data off documents.

From automating loan applications, streamlining insurance claims, accelerating invoice payments and simplifying sales orders, Ephesoft allows our customers to put information to work and do business faster.

The technology allows for a combination of automated extraction and human validation.

Seamlessly connect Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing platform to RPA, BPM, ECM and other workflows with a full suite of Web Service APIs.

Use it in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

Benefits of the Ephesoft Data Extraction

Maximize Productivity

Automatically capture, classify and extract data from documents to boost productivity

Cost Reduction

Process more volume quicker with the same staff complement

Increased Accuracy

Eliminates the risk of human error that’s inherent in manual tasks

Ease of Integration

Ephesoft is open so it can easily integrate into your entire organisation’s processes

Learns from experience

Recognises, sorts and extracts data from unstructured documents, while at the same time validating it faster than any employee

Improve employee satisfaction

Employees are freed up to focus on higher level, more value driven tasks

We offer Ephesoft as a service and their use of open standards and web based software offers flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of clients. Product lines include mobile capture, big data and advanced analytics solutions.

Ephesoft is a zero footprint, browser based application that can run on your servers behind your firewall, or in the cloud as a subscription-based service. In either model, you can be in production in days, rather than the weeks or months of setup required with outdated legacy systems.

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