About Us

In 2010 Chris Cochrane decided to leave the corporate world and began his entrepreneurial journey. Chris took a leap of faith and began building Xpertek Contact as a division of the Xpertek Group of Companies.  Chris started out consulting to various customers as a way to bootstrap Xpertek Contact with a view to finding opportunities to bring innovative solutions using emerging technologies to the South African market.

In 2012 Gavin Fletcher, a life-long friend to Chris, joined the business and between the two of them they have grown the business to now offer a range of innovative offerings in the WiFi and Process Automation solution space.

Now several years later, we are a vibrant team who are respected leaders in our areas of expertise.

We are a member of the BBD Group of companies (www.bbdsoftware.com ) and level 3 B-BBEE contributor with a 110% recognition level.

What we stand for


Passion for what we do is what drives us to deliver the best quality solutions and service to our clients and our clients’ clients.


We don’t have a mould that our people fit into, we rather celebrate diversity and encourage questioning of how we do things at every turn. This ensures that we don’t stagnate in our thinking and our solutions.


We genuinely care about our clients and believe that their success is our success. Its all about the long term for us, building strong relationships founded on trust and adding value where ever we engage.


We also care about our community around us and we have various outreaches that hold a special place in our hearts. From building bricks for schools, to making meals and donating to animal shelters.

We’d love to hear from you. To start the conversation please contact us