In November 2016, a partnership between McCormick Media, Xpertek Contact and Silverstone Solutions saw the pilot of a Wi-Fi-optimized, ‘mobile first’ digital activation and engagement campaign across 3 McCormick Media malls, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and digital engagement. The pilot generated just over R1 million in revenue in the malls over 3 consecutive weekends.

The campaign was aimed at incentivizing and rewarding shoppers who spent R250 and more in the mall with the chance to win prizes. Shoppers were prompted to submit their till slips at promotional stands in the mall, register on Silverstone’s Promoflo mobile engagement platform, and spin a digital ‘wheel’ on a big TV screen to win a selection of prizes such as airtime, home appliances and homeware.

Shoppers who had accessed the Turnstyle Wi-Fi platform were seamlessly registered in a mall centric Promoflo community, able to explore offers and content, and given the chance to win airtime and other prizes, facilitating sign up to the service.

“The Turnstyle Wi-Fi platform allows us to passively acquire a marketing database for each of the shopping centres”, comments Chris Cochrane, MD of Xpertek Contact on the value of the Wi-Fi solution. He goes on to explain that Turnstyle can initiate an SMS to registered shoppers as they enter the mall with information on various offers that might be just a few steps away. Cochrane calls this the “Door to Store” marketing approach.

This gamified bridge between traditional media, activation and mobile marketing engagement proved a great success in creating an atmosphere of anticipation for visitors and resulted in queues of eager shoppers waiting in line to see what they had won.

Matthew McCormick, MD of McCormick Media, remarks that the value in customer experience was instantaneous , “The surprise and delight factor of the experience was fantastic, the shoppers were really engaged with the activation. Then we saw the reports generated from the platform and we were blown away by the insights and ROI”. By the end of the campaign, the activation had  generated more than R1 million in revenue at the shopping centres, in return for just a fraction in airtime spend.

Raymond Buckle, CEO of marketing solutions group Silverstone Solutions concluded, “By combining the capabilities of the Turnstyle Wi-Fi proximity marketing and Promoflo’s permission based contextual marketing mechanics, we are able to create a truly engaging shopping experience for visitors to the centers. Shoppers are provided with relevant, targeted offers and specials available from the centres tenants and brand advertisers. Take-up of these specials and offers can then be measured using vouchers and coupons with integrated POS redemption management”.

The joint venture has created a brand-new engagement channel for retailers and marketers at the shopping centres and is providing shoppers with added value in the form of infotainment, special offers and promotions.

The team will be rolling out this solution across McCormick’s property portfolio during 2017.

About McCormick Media:

With 12.5 million feet going through our 25 shopping centres in the emerged market around the country every month, you can’t afford not to advertise with us. We take you directly to the shopper at point of sale. What better way can there possibly be to expose your brand to a captive market, who are already loyal to each respective shopping centre?

We’ve been gathering our expert knowledge about the emerged market since 2008, and knowledge is power. We’re in the best position to advise you on how to best expose your brand to this captive market. By using our services you’ll be able to maximise the marketing of your brand to your chosen target market.

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Unlike other media owners, we have a close working relationship with the property landlords, which provides us with the opportunity to offer agencies a cost and time benefit.

McCormick Media offers both above the line and below line advertising, making us your one point of call for all your advertising requirements.

About Silverstone Solutions:

The Silverstone Group is involved across all aspects of the mobile advertising and marketing ecosystem in multiple countries in South Africa, Africa and the Caribbean and partners with Brands, Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers, Operators, Media and Property Owners.

Silverstone helps brands and organisations to connect and engage with their audiences across mobile, social and digital channels – and building integrated and ‘mobile first’ brand communities to develop meaningful relationships with prospective, new and existing customers.  We are pioneering new ways to connect retailers and shoppers and drive engage with consumers that allows clear measurement of ROI in closing the purchase loop.