Xpertek Contact has a team of dedicated, in-house software developers who are able to create leading software solutions for you.  Our team is multi-skilled and has the ability to deliver across a broad range of development environments.  No matter how complex or simple, we have the skills to support you and execute on your software development requirements.


Custom Software Development - our team of business analysts, developers and architects can design, build, test and delpoy complex solution across a broad range of platforms, and they love a challenge


System Integration - we love smart platforms, but we love making smart platforms work together even more.   Our team has extensive experience integrating software solutions to create seamless business processes for our client base


Business Intelligence - we believe that insight is core to any solution that supports business.  Our team of Information Analysts, SQL Developers and BI Experts will help you to gain more insight into your business processes than ever before


Architecture - without a solid IT architecture getting access to data, making systems or talk or managing a custom platform is hard work.  Our team of solutions architects will work with you to ensure that your underlying architecture is optimised to support your needs